Our Story

Hi There,

Here is a little bit about Allure Collections and how we started.....

I have always enjoyed craft and creating new things. As a child I had my first bead set and use to create my own jewellery which was super fun. Growing up I have always loved my jewellery, natural semi-precious gemstones, and anything that I could add a personal touch too.

But, I got bogged down in the corporate world to which I dedicated myself to, leaving very little room to explore and for my passion. Fast forward to 2022, I had my first baby and have been a stay home mumma. So, I thought it’s about time I bring my hobby to life and dedicate myself to something I love. The only regret I have is that I didn’t dedicate myself sooner.

With encouragement from my family and friends, Allure Collections was born and here I am today, having started my small business to deliver handmade jewellery. So far I have learnt so much more about jewellery and small business. I even learnt a few tricks with technology.....who would have thought!

At Allure Collections you will find handmade jewellery which is made to order. We will work with you to customise your jewellery, because we want you to love your jewellery as much as we do. Each piece of jewellery is custom designed using 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver beads, along with many more beautiful treasures.

We hope you love your Allure Collections pieces, and want you to know how grateful we are for every order.

Much love Nadia x