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Cornicello Bracelet

Cornicello Bracelet

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The Cornicello or "Corno" as some Italians say, is often worn as a symbol of good luck and protection. 

Italians have been wearing and hanging the Cornicello in their homes for centuries, however along recent times the Cornicello is not just being worn for it's meaning, but as a popular fashion accessory.  

Our Cornicello bracelet effortlessly blends style with tradition, and can be worn elegantly alone or form part of you daily bracelets stacks.  Pair our Cornicello bracelet with our other stunning bracelets and create a unique stylish stack the reflects your individuality!

Our Cornicello bracelet is available in both Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled. 

As all our pieces are handmade, our Cornicello charm can be attached to any of our bracelets, so if you have a custom request, send us a message here.

Bracelet Details:
- Professional Clear Beading Stretch Cord for easy roll on and off.
- Tarnish Resistant 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Beads.
- Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled Cornicello charm, which is 15mm in size.
- 100% hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free.

Bracelets come in three sizes:

- 16cm - Adult - Small
- 17cm - Adult - Medium
- 19cm - Adult - Large

To find your bracelet size, measure all the way around your wrist with a flexible tape measure or string and then add some wriggle room (we recommend one centimeter extra). Measure against a ruler if you have utilised string. Be sure to wrap the tape measure/string tightly around your wrist.

Each order comes with one jewellery pouch, if you require additional pouches with your order click here

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