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Rainbow Name Bracelet

Rainbow Name Bracelet

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Our Rainbow Name Bracelet is handmade with glass coloured seed beads and has been combined with letter beads, to represent your name, loved ones names, or words that have a special meaning to you. 

Letter Beads Options:
- White Beads with Black Letters
- White Beads with Gold Letters 
- White Beads with Silver Letters
- White Beads with Colour Letters
- Clear Beads with White Letters
- Black Beads with White Letters
- Pink Beads with White Letters
- Purple Beads with White Letters
- Blue Beads with White Letters
- Zodiac Symbols 
- Heart Symbol - Available in White/Gold, White/Black, White/Colour and Black/White

If choosing White and Gold or White and Silver, note the beads are subject to fade, so we recommend keeping these bracelets away from repeated water use, perfumes and lotions! 

Bracelet Details:
- Professional Clear Beading Stretch Cord for easy roll on and off.

- Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver beads.

- Glass Seed Beads & Acrylic Letter Beads. 

Bracelets come in four sizes: 
- 14.5cm - recommended size for children - Extra Small
- 16cm - Adult - Small
- 17cm - Adult - Medium
- 19cm - Adult - Large

Each order comes with one jewellery pouch, if you require additional pouches with your order click here. 

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